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Queer Collective 2024 Executive Team

We're opening up 4 executive positions for Collective members in 2024.
Queer Collective 2024 Executive Team
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Hey everyone!

As part of our goals for 2024, we're opening up 4 opportunities for Queer Collective members to participate in our new executive team. This includes a specific position for a transgender representative, as well as a position for a Paddington representative.

The team is aimed at increasing the visibility and efficiency of the Collective, as well as assisting the Queer Officers in our roles as representatives to the university. Members of this team will often be the first point of contact for advice or additional opinions on projects and initiatives, as well as running events and initiatives throughout the year.

4 positions are being made available for 2024:

Marketing & Events Director

  • Actively promote and create events and activities, including collaborations with societies and clubs,
  • Designing social media posts, campaign posters, etc.
  • Assisting with writing/proofreading newsletters and other published content.


  • Facilitating Queer Collective meetings in conjunction with the Queer Officers,
  • Liaising with other clubs and societies on events, projects and initiatives,
  • Ensuring compliance with the SRC Charter as it pertains to the Queer Collective.

Transgender Students Representative

  • Providing a guaranteed voice for transgender and non-binary students in the Queer Collective,
  • Facilitating the Trans Autonomous Group in conjunction with the Queer Officers,
  • Engaging with the university and faculty alongside the Queer Officers in matters pertaining to transgender and gender-diverse students,
  • Assisting the Secretary and Marketing/Events Director in maintaining the inclusivity of all projects.

NOTE: This position is only available to transgender, non-binary, or other gender-diverse students!!!

Paddington Students Representative

  • Providing a guaranteed voice for students at UNSW Arts & Design Campus (Paddington),
  • Managing engagement with students, Arc staff, and UNSW faculty at Paddington campus in conjunction with the Queer Officers and Events/Marketing Director,
  • Engaging with the SRC representatives at Paddington campus in conjunction with the Queer Officers.

How do I nominate myself?

Nominations are open now and will be open until 11:59pm on November 30th. If positions are uncontested, the student who has nominated themselves will automatically hold the position. If multiple students have applied for one position, a vote will be opened on December 1st (and closed on December 15th). Preferential voting will be used, with the last place being knocked out until someone crosses 50% of the votes.

Use the form linked here to nominate yourself (https://unsw.lgbt/2024-exec).

What restrictions are there on nominations?

  1. You must be a UNSW student in 2024 (Foundation and Global students are not able to nominate).
  2. You may not be employed as an academic or professional staff member of the University at 0.5 FTE or greater.
  3. You may not hold a position on the SRC, PGC, IRC, or Arc Board.
  4. You may be a member of other subcommittees, society executives, etc.

The Paddington and Transgender representatives must meet the criteria specified above.