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Queer Collective Newsletter - March 2023

Queer Collective has been up to a lot during WorldPride, engaging with the university and external organisations to promote LGBTQIA rights across the country.
Queer Collective Newsletter - March 2023
Cover Photo by Becky Harcourt at Sydney Mardi Gras 2023

Say hello to the March edition of the Queer Collective Newsletter!

For those new to the collective, this newsletter is a monthly update on our initiatives, projects, and events over the coming month. If you've got friends at UNSW who are LGBTQIA+, or are passionate about getting involved with the community, consider forwarding this newsletter to them!

If you have content suggestions, or would like to publish a segment, get in touch with us via email, Facebook, Instagram, or Mastodon (or leave a comment below if you're on the web version).

Important Bits™️

Meetings and Flex Week

Queer Collective will NOT have a meeting during flex week (week 6). However, we're looking at running an event during the week to give everyone an opportunity to meet and share their experiences from the first 5 weeks of term.

Want to stay up to date on our events? We have a joint calendar with QSIS and SapphoSoc, which you can find here.

"You Can't Ask That"/Vox Pop with SWDCo & UNSW Health

We're running a joint project with the Students with Disabilities Collective and UNSW Health, focusing on confronting stereotypes about the LGBTQIA+ community, and addressing the questions from students and staff at UNSW. If you'd like to participate in this project (editing, filming, featuring, etc.), fill out the interest form here.

UNSW Queer Collective's Inclusive Language Guide

We're working on an Inclusive Language Guide to help members of the UNSW community be more mindful of the language they use regarding queer people and LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as to make conversations about LGBTQIA issues more productive by providing people with the words they need to describe different aspects of the queer community. If you're interested in contributing to this project, get in touch with us via email or social media.

Queer Space Access

All students who filled out the registration form before March 7th now have swipe-card access to the queer space. If you're unsure where it's located, have issues with the space (or the people in it), or generally have questions, please contact us via email.

Kirby Institute -

The Kirby Institute is doing an interview study about gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (cis or trans) who were born in non-English speaking countries. Click the link if you’re interested in participating! You’ll receive a $30 gift card for your participation:


Peers Advocating for Sexual Health -

Peers Advocating for Sexual Health (PASH), in partnership with UNSW Health, are running a program around sexual health literacy next weekend (11th and 12th March)! They'll be focusing on sexual and reproductive literacy, as well as running programs on STI testing and what you can do to take care of your sexual health. If you're interested, fill out the form here.

Post-Pride STI Testing -

UNSW Health is running a free STI-testing initiative on Wednesday March 15th in the Quad. The Queer Collective is also planning to have a presence at this stall, so even if you weren't sexually active at Mardi Gras, feel free to come and say hi!

Dreamlife Zine

DREAMLIFE is a community-made zine, which aims to provide young transgender, gender diverse and non-binary people with positive visions for the future, and access to their own and others' ‘dream lives', as well as showcasing the diversity and multiplicity of the trans community.

You can get free copies from their website, as well as from LUSH stores. We also have a few copies in the Queer Space for you to take home.