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Week 2 Meeting Summary

The minutes from our Week 2 Term 1 Meeting at Paddington Campus.
Week 2 Meeting Summary
Photo by Luke Southern / Unsplash

Essential information for anyone who was unable to attend the Week 2 (T1 2023) meeting at Paddington Campus.

Safer Spaces

We reiterated from the last meeting that Queer Collective meetings & events (both in-person and online), as well as the Queer Space at Kensington, are subject to the SRC Safer Spaces Policy, and that issues during meetings, events, or in QC spaces should be raised with the queer officers either in person, via email (recommended), or through social media channels.

Access to Kensington Queer Space

All students who have registered for the queer collective prior to February 20, 2023 (AND REQUESTED ACCESS) should now be able to access the Queer Space at Kensington campus.

Meeting Recordings & Public Content

Due to privacy considerations (including but not limited to people not being out to family & friends, unwillingness to be recorded), Queer Collective will not publish recordings of meetings or events during the course of 2023. Photos may be taken for the purposes of social media during events, however everyone present will be alerted to the fact that photos are being taken, and will have a method of opting out (usually by just moving out of the frame of the photo).

Public content created by individuals within the collective will be anonymised to a reasonable level, unless requested otherwise. Content produced by Arc, UNSW, affiliated societies, and external organisations will not be redacted in this manner unless specifically requested by the people involved.

Upcoming Events

Queer Collective is running events throughout Mardi Gras and WorldPride.

QC, SapphoSoc & QSIS go to UNSW Mardi Pardi

In partnership with the UNSW Sapphic Society and Queer Students in STEM, Queer Collective has booked tables at the Roundhouse for Mardi Pardi on Friday 24th of February. We'll be up in the queer space from 4-6pm for non-alcoholic pre-drinks, games, and activities, then over 18s who want to have a drink can head down to our table at the Roundhouse (we'll also keep activities up in the Queer Space for those who can't/don't want to drink).

This event is free (drinks and food to be purchased individually), and parts of the event are restricted to over 18s only. Alcohol will be available as part of this event. PLEASE BRING VALID ID!!!

QC and Indigenous Collective go to Koori Gras

Queer Collective and Indigenous Collective are taking a contingent of students to Koori Gras, which is an Indigenous-led Pride event, focusing on the history and involvement of indigenous Australians in the queer community. The event includes drag performances, educational workshops, and showcases from queer First Nations artists and performers.

This event is free, and is located at the Carriageworks in Eveleigh. Date is to be confirmed.

Other QC Initiatives

Queer Collective would like to produce a new set of stickers and posters for promoting queer rights on campus. We'd like to redo the "You Are Loved" poster, as well as making new flyers and pamphlets for 2023 and beyond. As both of the current queer officers are quite STEM-oriented, we're interested in design submissions or concepts.